Schush Code Working

April 24, 2010
by David Warshow (diw08)

Wit some help from Lee I have code working in schush that successfully evolves applications that predict  river levels 150 minutes in advance based on fake data. The fake data just counts up one cubic foot per second every 75 minutes. The downstream samples are always exactly 10 cubic feet per second higher then the upstream value. Now that we have a working program we can input our actual data and see what we get. We also need to implement into the fitness test so that it runs the program against multiple data sets to make sure it isn’t just finding the correct value by accident. Right now about 90% of the time it doesn’t even use the data reference functions it just happens to guess the right value. However we now have a running program that we can build from, which while we should have had  this a while ago, at least it is now done.

-David Warshow

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